To process online payments, we offer two options. In Connect Space you'll need to create a Stripe Connect or an account. Since you'll be switching between the Connect Space and the Stripe or websites, I've done my best to let you know where each step applies. Here we go:

Setting up a Stripe Connect Account:

1) In Connect Space, click Payment in the Side Navigation.

2) Click the Connect with Stripe button.

3) You'll be take to Stripe's website. Fill out the form to create your account. You will be redirected back to the Connect Space site to confirm that your account has been connected.

In Stripe

4) Return to the Stripe website. In the left-hand navigation click Developers.

5) On the Stripe website, click the API Keys tab and Copy your Live Secret Key. 

In Connect Space

6) Head back to Connect Space. Click Payments in the side navigation, then click Transfers, and paste the key into the appropriate input.

In Stripe

7) We highly recommend that you go to back to Stripe and click the Connect tab in the left-hand navigation, click Transfers in the drop down, and select Switch to manual transfers. This will avoid account reconciliation issues in the future.

NOTE: To avoid account reconciliation issues between Stripe and Connect Space, manage your payments and refunds within Connect Space, only using Stripe for Payouts to your bank account. 

Setting up an Account (eff 05/2021):

1) Get a merchant account. Without a merchant account, payment gateways like Authorize.Net would not be able to connect to your business checking. Please contact your preferred bank directly, and make sure your account is set-up to allow the handling of credit/debit cards online.

2) Get an account. Once you have your merchant account you will receive information from your bank that contains the information needs to complete setting up your account with them.

3) Activate additional features, if necessary:

Expanded Credit Capability - allows you to issue refunds through Connect Space for purchases that were processed today or in the past (up to 120 days). If you want this capability, you need to apply for it through

Card Code Verification -requires registrants to add their card's CSC/CCV (3 digit) code as part of their registration. Simply turn this feature on in your settings.

4) Generate your API Login ID and Transaction Key. If you’re already using your Authorize.Net account to accept online payments through other applications, you already have an API login and transaction key. Do not regenerate them. This will cause problems with transactions currently being processed through your account.

If your account is new, generate your API Login and Transaction Ket through After submitting the form, it may take two to three business days for setup and testing. You’ll receive a notification email when your account is ready.

Once this information is received, enter it into your Connect Space event by clicking Payments on the left navigation bar, then click

NOTE: Save this information since it will be required to use for any future event registrations tied to processing.

5) Run a credit card test. Once your Authorize.Net account is linked to Cvent, test it with a credit card to ensure payments and refunds are working properly.

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