This article is relates to our old "bundle" assignment option. As of 1/3/2022 we no longer offer bundles and now offer subscriptions for each product which the subscription includes UNLMITED reassignments for one year.

For existing assignments that were made via the bundle assignment option:

If you assigned one of the following three programs: Workplace Readiness, The Success Profiler or Personal Responsibility as a bundle, you can reassign any skill building unit that the user did not achieve a passing score for for FREE.

Note: Only 1 free reassignment is allowed per skill building unit. Any additional reassignments will cost 1 credit per each skill building unit.

You can choose to have Conover Online automatically reassign the free skill building unit OR you can manually reassign the unit.

Select a link below to learn more about that topic:

Use the automatic reassignment feature:

First, you need to have a system administrator account (find out what type of account you have).

Second, watch this tutorial video:

Use the manual reassignment feature:

If you do not use the automatic reassignment feature, you can still manually reassign (or remove) the skill building units from the user’s list of assignments. Keep in mind that you only get 1 free reassignment if you assigned the bundle to your user. To manually reassign a unit follow these steps.

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