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How does a user (student) log in and get started with their assignments?
How does a user (student) log in and get started with their assignments?

Learn how a user can log in to access Conover Online and begin their assignments.

Updated over a week ago

If you are a system administrator or administrator, your users will use the SAME login page that you use to log into your account.

There are three different versions/login pages for Conover Online based on your organization type:

  • Education version - For schools, universities, non-profits, government agencies, etc.

  • Professional version - For corporations

  • AJROTC - For Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Education version login page:

Professional version login page:

AJROTC version login page:

Users log in with their email address and password that the system administrator or administrator used to create that user's Conover Online account. If your organization uses Google or Clever, you can use a sign-single-on features on the login screen.

If you users have forgotten the password, they can use the Forgot Password link on the login page. The person who created the account can also update the password or email address. Lean more here:

A list of the assigned programs will be shown on the screen. Choose a program to view the available skill enhancement units.

To start a skill enhancement unit, select the orange Select program button.

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