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What is a credit?
What is a credit?

Learn what credits are in Conover Online and how they work.

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In Conover Online, credits are how you as an administrator or system administrator make an assignment to a user. Your organization purchases credits which then allows you to use those credits your organized purchased to assign programs to your users so they can obtain the skills they need.

Think of Conover Online as a vending machine. In the vending machine are different Conover software programs that you can use with your users. If you want to use a program(s) for one of your users, you use credits to be able to assign the user the program(s). You can use anything in the vending machine, but you only pay for what you need which means you do not overpay or waste resources.

Credits never expire so any unused credits will carry over year after year. Credits allow for flexibility as you can use them on any Conover Online products.

You can see how many credits you have access to by looking in the upper-right corner of your account:

Note: If you need more credits talk to your System Administrator or contact the Conover Team

Watch the video below to learn more about credits:

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