If you or a user is having problems logging into Conover Online, the problem is almost always solved using the steps below as outages for Conover Online are rare. Below are common steps to try that frequently resolve an issue you might have. If the problem persists after trying the steps below, please contact our Support team.

1. Verify the login page is correct

There are different login pages for different kinds or organizations that use Conover Online so it is essential you are using the correct login page. Everyone in your organization uses the same login page whether you are a system administrator, administrator or user.

Visit https://www.conovercompany.com/support/login-pages/ to find the correct login page for your organization.

2. Verify the password is correct

Passwords are case-sensitive verify the "Caps Lock" key is not accidentally on. If your password has numbers in it and you use your keyboard's number pad, verify the "Num Lock" key is turned on.

If needed, reset the password:

3. Verify the email address is correct

Each person's Conover Online account is associated with an email address which that person then uses to log into Conover Online. To successfully log in, the email being typed in must MATCH EXACTLY the email associated with the person's Conover Online account.

A common situation is a person trying to log in but having an issue because someone in their organization accidentally misspelled or used the wrong email for that person trying to log in's account. Since the person trying to log in is entering a different email than the email associated with their Conover Online account (even if accidentally misspelled or the wrong email), that person will not be able to log in.

An administrator or system administrator can verify the email for another account from their own account by selecting "View Accounts", selecting the tab for the account type (such as "administrators" or "users") and find or search for the person's account and see the email on record. If needed, here is how you can change the email for an account: Change account information for a user or administrator

4. Do not rely on the autofill option in your web browser

Sometimes your browser offers to automatically fill in your login info but that information might be incorrect. Manually enter in your login credentials to make sure the correct information is being entered.

5. If a user is having problems logging in, try logging in as that user

If a user is having issues, see if you can log in as them. You can log out of your administrator or system administrator account by (as shown in the screenshot below) selecting the button with three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner of your account and select "Sign out") then log in with the users email and password for their Conover Online account to verify whether or not those login credentials work.

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