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Text-to-speech audio settings
Text-to-speech audio settings

Learn how to turn on and off text-to-speech audio and change the voice options.

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All Conover Online programs have text-to-speech capability.

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Turn text-to-speech on and off:

To turn on or off text-to-speech for a user, the setting must be changed from the user's account. Select the "Settings" button at the bottom of the user's screen and select the "Text to speech" toggle button to turn it on or off.

Note: The user can also adjust settings for closed captions and text size.

Change the text-to-speech voice options (choosing a male or female voice):

You can change the voice that is used for the text to speech. To do this select View Accounts.

Use the search feature to find the account. Once found, click on the accounts name.

Select Configure.

Choose a different Text-to-Speech voice. Select Save Configuration to save the changes.

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