Mass (batch) unassign

Learn how to unassign or remove the same assignment from multiple users at same time.

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If you want to remove all of the units that have not been started from multiple user accounts, our mass unassign feature will remove them from for you.

NOTE: The Mass Unassign feature will not remove a subscription from an account. It will only remove individual units and not subscriptions. You will get credits back for manual assignments but you will not get credits back for subscriptions that were not started. Please contact support if you have questions about removing subscriptions.

If an assignment has been started, it cant be mass unassigned. You will need to delete the assignment manually. Check out this article for more information.

To begin, select View Accounts.

Make sure Users are selected for the type of account.

Use the search and filter options to help you find the users you want to unassign units for.

Check the boxes next to the user's name. The checkbox at the top will select all users on a page. There is also a link in the bottom toolbar that will select all users in the view.

Once you have all of your users selected, choose Unassign.

Choose the products that you would like to remove the assignments for. Select Continue when you are ready.

You will be taken to an verification screen. Make sure your list of users is correct. Select Confirm Unassignment to remove the assignments from the user's accounts.

You will be emailed when the process is complete. It will list out which assignments were removed and how many credits were returned (if any).

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