If you are a system administrator or administrator and want to experience Conover Online from the perspective of a user, you can create a test user account for yourself to get the full experience of what a user sees from their side in Conover Online. If you want to obtain just a quick feel for what it is the user sees, learn how to preview a program or units.

A test user account allows you to go through as much of the full program exactly like a user would (and takes more time) whereas the preview option provides you a way to quickly get sense for how the programs generally work (but only allows you to view part of the program).

What about the credits I use for my test account? Any credits you use for your test user account can be reimbursed. To get reimbursed, once you are finished using the test user account, contact our Support team and we will delete your test user account and then reimburse you the credits that were used.

How do I create a test user account?

1. Create a test user account:

Create a user account using a DIFFERENT EMAIL than the one associated with your existing Conover Online administrator or system administrator account (an email can only be used for one account in Conover Online). We recommend:

  • Using another email address if you have more than one (like a personal email address)

  • Using a fake email address. For example, a person named John Smith might enter in a fake email like "john.smith@email123.com" to create a test user account to later log in with

2. Assign a program

Now you need to assign the program(s) you want to test out to your test user account. Learn how to assign a program.

3. Log into your test user account

First, log out of your administrator or system administrator account by selecting the button with three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner of your account and then select "Sign out" (as shown in the screenshot below). Then simply sign into your test user account to start going through the programs you assigned yourself.

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