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View or print a credential/certificate of completion
View or print a credential/certificate of completion

Learn how to view or print a credential or certificate of completion for a user or users.

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All products in Conover Online offer either a Credential or a Certificate of Completion.

There are a few different ways to get the credentials/certificate of completions for your users. Select the title to expand the contents.

Single User Via Reports

To view a report for specific user, Select Reports.

Choose the Program that you would like the credential/certificate of completion for a specific user.

Select either Credential or Cert. of Completion.

Search for your user. Once found, a link to the Credentials or Certificate of Completions will become available.

The Credential or Certificate of Completion will appear. Select Print/Download PDF to download the file. You can new open the file to print out the Credential or Certificate of Completion.

Single User Via User Dashboard

To view the Credential or Certificate of Completion via the assignment dashboard, select View Accounts.

Search for the user using the supplied options. When you find the user, click on the user's name.

Expand the product by selecting the triangle next to the Program title.

If the user has a credential, select the Credential link.

If the user has certificate of completions, select one of the corresponding links.

Select the Print/Download PDF link. This will download the file so you can print it out.

Multiple Users via Report Generator

If you want to view the Credentials or Certificates of Completion for multiple users, select View Accounts.

Use the options to filter out or search for your users. When you find them, check the box next to their names.

In the toolbar that appears, you have the option to select all account to deselect them. When you have your users selected, choose Report Generator.

Choose the products you would like to include by expanding the options. Check the boxed for the Credential/Certificate.

Do this for any program you want to include in your report.

Once you have everything selected, choose Generate Report. This will generate your report in the background. You will receive an email with a link tp the report when the report is ready.

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