Summary report (spreadsheet report)

Learn how to create a summary report.

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Conover Online has a summary report that will allow you to view users' scores in a spreadsheet format.

Select "Reports".

Choose the program that you want to run a summary report on.

Select "Summary Reports"

The options to customize your summary report will appear. Here are what each of these options mean

Groups: This is where you choose the group you want included in the report. You can choose multiple groups. If you have access to more than one group, you will also have access to the All Groups option.

Program: If a program you choose has multiple sections, you will be able to choose them here. There is also an option to include all programs.

Content Edition: There are two different versions of our SEL program. You can run a report on each version

Only Passing Score: This will only include the scores if they have achieved a passing score on a given skill enhancement.

Hide Descriptive Text: This will hide all of the descriptive text from the report. This is usefully for customers who only want access to the data to import into their LMS.

Include Archived Users: This will included users who are archived and not active in the system.

Score Format: This will format the data in the report. It can show a percentage or a raw score. The raw score is number correct out of number of questions such as 6 out to 10

Tags: This is how you can filter or specific users. Only the tags you include in this field will be included in the report

The summary report needs to be generated in the background in case you have a lot of users to report on. You will be notified via email once the report is ready. It usually take only a few minutes to generate. The email will contain a direct link to the report.

You can also view any report that you have previously generated from the Reports page. Select "Previously Generated Reports".

The Generated Reports screen will show you the reports that are currently processing, or you can select "View details" to view the report. You can also delete the report using the "Delete" link.

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