In order for a score to appear on the credential the user must achieve a passing score for the relevant skill/learning module. This passing score is set by the System Administrator of an organization.

Watch the tutorial video below to view what the passing score has been set to for the program for your organization:

Depending on how you made the assignment (a subscription versus a manual assignment), the user may have additional opportunities to achieve a better score:

For subscription assignments:

  • Any skill that the user did not pass on the pre-assessment is automatically assigned to the user for a Skill Enhancement. The user goes through the Skill Enhancement learning module to learn more about that skill along with some practice questions and then takes a post-assessment to see if they improve with a better score. In the Skill Enhancement, the post-assessment (not the practice questions) is the only score that counts towards the credential.

  • If a user went through an assigned Skill Enhancement and did not pass the post-assessment, they will automatically be reassigned the Skill Enhancement a second time. If your user still does not pass on the second Skill Enhancement attempt, you can choose to reassign them the Skill Enhancement yet again or as many times as they need it. This article (how to reassign) provides steps for how to reassign a Skill Enhancement.

For manual assignments:

  • For a user to achieve a better score you must reassign the Skill Enhancement (how to reassign) and each Skill Enhancement reassignment requires 1 credit.

NOTE: For both subscription and manual assignments, if the user done multiple attempts to achieve a better score (either via a map/assessment or via a Skill Enhancement), the credential shows the highest passing score the user achieved. For example, if the user takes the map/assessment twice and they score better the second time, the second score will be used. If the user scored better the first time, the first score will be used.

Watch the tutorial video below for a walkthrough of an example of how scoring and credentials work:

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