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Learn how to access the user reports and results to monitor their progress.

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There are multiple ways to access user data and reports in Conover Online. The following topics will show you how to print the nicely formatted reports such as Maps, Skill Enhancements, etc. If you want a a report for multiple user in a spreadsheet format, you can run a summary report.

Here are individual topics you can get help with. Select the title to expand the contents.

Individual User Reports via the Assignment Dashboard

First, you need to choose the user that you want to view the reports for. To do this, choose View Accounts.

Make sure Users is selected for the account type.

Search for the user. Once you find the user, click on their name.

Find the product you want the report for. Click the triangle to expand the list.

You will see all of the assignments for the user. Credential and Summary reports can be found at the top. Individual unit reports can be found under Progress. Click any link to view the report.

Individual User Reports via Report Page

If you want to view individual user reports but don't want to focus on a specific user, select Reports.

From the Reports screen, you can access all reports in the program. Choose a program to access the individual user reports.

Once you choose a program, you can access all of the reports for that program. Across the top of the screen will be links to the different types of reports that are available. Make a choice.

To find a user, use the search feature. You can also filter by date. We also offer advanced filters that allow you to filter by tags, groups, etc.

The links to the reports will be available in the right hand column.

Multiple User Reports via Report Generator

If you would like to view reports for multiple users across multiple programs, select View Accounts.

Make sure Users is selected for the account type.

Use the option to search for a user or filter your users by tags or groups.

To include a user in the report, check the box in front of the name. The checkbox at the very top will select all the users on the screen. There is also a link in at the bottom that will select all users in the view.

Once you have all of your users selected, choose Report Generator.

The Report Generator will allow you to choose a date range. If no date range is selected, the most current version of the report will be included

Choose a product that you want to include in the report. Click the + sign to expand the list. There are options to choose all types or reports, credentials, certificates of completion and surveys. You can choose from multiple products.

If the users you have selected do not have any reports for a product, the options will be disabled.

Select Generate Report to build your custom report.

The report will generate and you will be emailed when the report is ready.

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