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Turn on/enable autoplay for your browser
Turn on/enable autoplay for your browser

Learn how to make sure the audio and video automatically play (autoplay) in Conover Online for the best experience.

Updated over a week ago

Some web browsers now have a feature that stops the automatic playing of video and audio on a website. This feature was primarily invented to prevent advertisers from automatically playing unwanted videos and audio advertisements to a user on a website. One downside of this useful feature is that it can sometimes cause issues by preventing Conover Online's videos and audio from automatically playing even if the user wants them to (unlike an unwanted advertisement).

Conover Online works best with the auto-play feature enabled so that less interaction is required of the user (i.e. the user can just watch and hear the videos easily without needing to click or tap to play each and every video).

Signs that auto-play is not working:

  • Videos are not automatically playing (the user has to click/tap to start each video)

  • Text-to-speech is not working

  • The Functional Skills System program is not working at all

Solutions to this issue:

  1. Sometimes Conover Online will detect that auto-play is not working and will display a message with "Retry" button. Select "Retry" and that will fix the issue in most cases. If this does not fix the issue, continue to the next step.

  2. Change your browser's settings so that auto-play is enabled and works properly. Select the name of the browser you use below for a tutorial video on how to change the setting.

Apple Safari

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

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