Learn how to reassign a program or a unit for a user.

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Reassignments are useful when a user failed to pass a unit and you want them to try again or you simply want the user to repeat a unit to get more practice.

Reassignments for subscriptions:

If an assignment was made using a subscription, anytime the user does not pass a unit on their first attempt, Conover Online will automatically reassign the unit again so the user can have a second attempt. Any additional attempts will need to be reassigned by the administrator or system administrator. Subscriptions allow you to make unlimited reassignments for one year at no additional cost.

Reassignments for manual assignments:

If an assignment was made using the manual option (i.e. not using the subscription option), any reassignments must be made manually by the administrator or system administrator and each reassignment costs 1 credit to allow the user another attempt.

Step 1 of 2: Select the user's account that you want to make the reassignment for

Step 2 of 2: Make the reassignment

Select the program in the list below that you are making the reassignment for to see how to complete the process:

Career Exploration and Assessment:

Social and Emotional Learning:

Independent Living and Life Skills

Reassign MECA

Reassign SEL (Success Profiler, Personal Responsibility, Workplace Readiness, Anger Management, Anxiety Management, Bullying Prevention, Winning Colors)

Reassign Functional Skills

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