Learn how to unassign a program or unit for a user.

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Note: Subscriptions are not able to be unassigned. Please contact our Support team via chat with any questions.

If a manual assignment was made and not yet started by the user, the assignment can be unassigned and the credits will be returned.

Below are steps for how to unassign for a single user otherwise you can learn to mass unassign for multiple users at once.

Step 1 of 2: Select the user that you need to do the unassignment for

Step 2 of 2: Make the unassignment

Select the program in the list below that you are making the unassignment for to see how to complete the process:

Career Exploration and Assessment:

Social and Emotional Learning:

Independent Living and Life Skills

Unassign MECA

Unassign SEL (Success Profiler, Personal Responsibility, Workplace Readiness, Anger Management, Anxiety Management, Bullying Prevention, Winning Colors)

Unassign Functional Skills

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