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Learn what surveys are and how to use them.

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Almost all maps (assessments) in Conover Online have an accompanying 360° survey. The survey has a person provide feedback for a user by rating the user's skills. These surveys can be given to:

  • A user (either to the user being evaluated themselves to self-reflect and rate their own skills OR have another user (like a peer) who knows the person being evaluated and can rate the skills of that person)

  • You (for yourself to rate the user's skills since you likely work closely with the user)

  • Another person (typically someone who knows the user well and/or works with them in a professional setting to know enough about the user to rate their skills).

The idea behind a 360° survey is that feedback is collected from multiple sources and through these multiple perspectives a more accurate picture of the user's skills are attained compared to just relying one a single source or perspective.

Surveys are included with your Conover Online account and do not require any credits to use.

Step 1 of 2: Select the user you want to have a survey completed for

Step 2 of 2: Assign the survey

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