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Upcoming changes to Conover Online’s Functional Skills System and Lower-Functioning version of Social Emotional Learning
Upcoming changes to Conover Online’s Functional Skills System and Lower-Functioning version of Social Emotional Learning

Learn more about these upcoming changes.

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At Conover, we’re constantly striving to find ways to make using Conover Online easier for our customers. We’ve asked for your feedback and we’ve listened.

The following changes will take place on January 1st, 2023:

1. Pricing change for Functional Skills System

The Functional Skills System Subscription will be 15 credits moving forward (previously 10 credits).

FAQ: What if I assign the Functional Skills System Subscription BEFORE January, 1, 2023?

Answer: You will simply be able to lock in pricing at the 10 credit price for the subscription until it expires one year after it is assigned.

2. Simplifying how to assign the lower-functioning version of our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs.

How it works now:

Currently when assigning the lower-functioning version of our Social Emotional Learning programs, the Functional Skills System (FSS) must be assigned for 10 credits and then specific SEL units must be chosen as assignments. Customers shared that they found this process confusing. Our lower-functioning SEL programs were found in FSS, but students were not always getting the proper version that fit their abilities.

How it will work after 1/1/23:

When making assignments for SEL in Conover Online, you will simply:

  1. Select the SEL program you want your user to be assigned (for example “Workplace Readiness”).

  2. Be given a choice to assign either the “Standard version” or the “Lower-functioning version” for that program.

Need more clarity? Watch this 1-minute video showing and explaining this change.

As a benefit, this may cost less credits for those who just need to use a lower-functioning version of SEL, as the entire FSS subscription isn’t required to be assigned for the lower-functioning SEL.

3. New Units and Features

We are excited to announce that we have recently added more value to the Functional Skills System in the following areas:

  • We have expanded our math units and have developed a new “Applied Math Series” designed to help your lower-functioning users learn practical math skills for real-world application. Our Applied Math Series includes concepts such as

    • Addition

    • Subtraction

    • Numbers and counting

    • Comparing numbers and measuring.

    • and many more

These units are already live, so you can start using and assigning them now!

  • We have a new “Live View” feature. Administrators can now view the Conover Online screen of a user actively working on an assignment from the administrator’s own account. This tool will help troubleshoot an issue a student is having and is especially useful for those working with students virtually. Learn more

For any questions regarding these changes, please contact the Conover Team for assistance.

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