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How to renew an expired subscription
How to renew an expired subscription

Learn how to renew a subscription when a subscription is expired.

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The subscriptions to our products are good for one year. We do not automatically renew them to make sure you are not paying for access when it is not needed. You can easily renew your subscriptions using the follow steps.

When you renew a subscription, any active assignment will remain so your users can start right where they left off. Only the initial assessment (map) will be automatically reassigned. This will not extend a subscription. Only expired subscription will be renewed. New subscriptions will also be created so make sure only the users who need the subscription are selected.

Select View Accounts.

Use the search and filtering features to help you find your users that need their subscription renewed.

Check the box in front of the users who need the renewal. The checkbox at the top will check or uncheck all of the checkboxes on the screen. There is also a link in the bottom bar that will allow you to select all accounts across all of the pages.

Once you have your accounts selected, choose Assign.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and find the section called Custom Assignment.

Check the box to Include Assignments/Subscriptions that can be reassigned or renewed. Without checking this box, your subscriptions will not be renewed.

Choose the product from the dropdown list.

Once selected, choose Add product.

The assignment screen will appear. Choose the Edition if you are presented with this option.

Make sure to choose the Subscription option. Feel free to make any changes to the options such as Score Assignment or Map version.

If you want to add another Product, you can add that using the same process. When you are done selecting products, choose Continue.

One the verification screen, check the box that you understand subscriptions cant be removed. Verify your list of products and the list of accounts.

Select Confirm Assignment to start the reassignment process. You will get an email when complete.

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