Basic plan
Consistent Cart's Basic Plan contains the Activity Monitor and Cart Sync feature. The Basic plan is free. 

Pro plan
Consistent Cart's Pro Plan gives you the ability to recover abandoned cart sales via Abandoned Cart Workflows, Push Marketing and Messenger Marketing. Pro starts at $29 per month for up to $1,000 in extra sales and increases only as your extra sales increase.

The complete list of Pro features: 

  • Unlimited Abandoned Cart Emails
  • Unlimited Abandoned Cart Push Notifications
  • Unlimited Abandoned Cart Messenger Campaigns
  • Unlimited Instant Push Notifications
  • Unlimited Instant Messenger Campaigns
  • Add To Cart Popup
  • Shop Pop Recent Sales Notifications
  • Title Bar Toggle
  • Priority Support

There are no hidden fees to unlock features after you upgrade. All features are included in the Pro plan. 

This means your subscription cost will only increase if Consistent Cart is doing its job and bringing you more sales.

The complete tiered pricing model for Pro can be found below:

How do you calculate extra sales?

Extra sales are based on order totals, and each extra sale is marked with "recovered" on the activity monitor. So if Consistent Cart recovers an order with the total amount of $100, the $100 would count toward the monthly total. 

A sale is attributed to Consistent Cart if a customer completes their purchase within a 72 hour period after the delivery of any outbound messaging to that customer (e-mail, push notification or messenger). 

As always, reach out to us via live chat if you have any questions regarding pricing. For storeowners running multiple stores, we may be able to offer discounts.

What if my Shop is in a different currency?
If your shop's default currency isn't USD, we'll convert the total rescued sale amount in your shop's local currency to USD to determine the proper tier. 

For example, if your shop is located in Thailand, and Consistent Cart rescued 50,000 Thai Baht for your shop this month, it'd equal approximately 1554 USD, placing your store in the second tier for a monthly charge of $49.

What if no cart is recovered? Do I still get charged?

You'll be charged at the lowest tier. Keep in mind that the beauty of Consistent Cart's complete cart abandonment solution is not just in the additional sales we bring you; its role and function go beyond just sales recovery. Don't forget that in the rare case that no carts are recovered, Consistent Cart is still working hard for you in the background, syncing carts, capturing email addresses, collecting push subscribers, building your messenger list, and more. These customers are yours to keep, and you can send marketing messages to them well beyond the 72 hour attribution period.

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