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How do I complete my KYC Verification?
How do I complete my KYC Verification?

How to complete Know Your Customer on the Lattice Launchpad

Written by Duc Trung Luu
Updated over a week ago

After creating your account and signing in, you can continue with the KYC process by:

  1. Click on “My Profile” in the top right corner and then on KYC.

2. Submit your Full Name.

3. Choose if you want to proceed with the verification process on your desktop computer or with your mobile phone.

4. The verification process includes authentication of your ID document and a selfie check.

5. ID Document verification: ID Card, Passport, Residence permit or Driver’s license.

6. Selfie check:

7. Wait for the verification process to finish which usually takes up to a few hours.

8. After completing the KYC process you can participate in the Lattice LaunchPad funding or apply for a fiat loan at Lattice Lending.

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