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What is Alkimi?

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Written by Duc Trung Luu
Updated over a week ago

Alkimi Exchange is the world’s first decentralised advertising exchange, bringing the benefits of decentralised networks, DeFi and rewards to programmatic advertising. Alkimi Exchange will disrupt the $340bn digital advertising industry, creating a lower cost and transparent advertising ecosystem, where all participants stand to gain by working together to create a fair value exchange. A decentralised replacement to the inefficient legacy programmatic ad exchanges with the mission to restore the value exchange between advertisers, publishers and users. Alkimi is built on Constellation Network’s Hypergraph — a revolutionary blockchain technology — trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense — which allows us to provide the fastest, infinitely scalable solution with 0% fraud, minimal transaction fees and complete end to end transparency.

We built Alkimi Exchange to reestablish the intended value exchange between users, publishers and advertisers. We believe in a different world that can be born from a cataclysmic event, when ID’s disappear and it appears we have nothing, we can create something. Where users see fewer and better ads, Advertisers reach an engaged audience and Publishers regain control of the means for their success and continue to produce innovative and creative content.

Alkimi Exchange helps you create ad products, proven successful by walled gardens across the open web. To see more about Alkimi, click here.

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