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How to use Exolix to swap $DAG
How to use Exolix to swap $DAG

Understanding Exolix token swapping to receive $DAG

Written by Duc Trung Luu
Updated over a week ago

Exolix allows you to purchase $DAG by facilitating a swap between another token (such as BTC or USDT) and $DAG.

At a high level, the process involves inputting the address at which you can receive the $DAG (this must be a wallet that supports $DAG, such as Stargazer Wallet), selecting the token and amount you wish to send in exchange for DAG, selecting an exchange rate (fixed or floating), and then sending the prescribed amount of token to the address provided by Exolix. From there, you will receive $DAG to the initial address.

Note: The address you receive your $DAG to and the wallet you send the token to be exchanged (ex. USDT) do not need to be the same address.

  1. Go to Platform.Lattice.Exchange and Select 'Swap' from the lefthand menu

  2. Select the assets you wish to swap (this example is USDT > DAG)

  3. Enter the amount you wish to exchange

  4. Select the exchange rate at which you wish to exercise the swap. This can be 'Fixed' or 'Floating.' You can learn more about the difference between Fixed and Floating rates here.

  5. Once you see the details are correct, click 'Exchange' in the bottom right hand corner.

  6. From here, you will be shown a screen that provides a wallet address that Exolix has generated for you. This is the wallet address you will need to send the asset to in order to receive your DAG. In this example the asset being sent is USDT.

  7. Once the USDT is sent to this address, the transaction will begin. Exolix will find the best rates on the market and process the exchange as fast as possible. This can take between 15 minutes and 2 hours.

    From here, you will see a summary of the exchange.

  8. Once the transaction is complete, you will receive the DAG to your receiving address and a confirmation on the screen that it has been completed.

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