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What is veLTX?
Written by Duc Trung Luu
Updated over a week ago

As part of our updated tokenomics veLTX is introduced as a Utility token which will be needed to participate in our governance decision making and platform fee sharing process.

Additionally veLTX holders can also participate alongside our $LTX holders in the Launchpad allocation staking.

veLTX is not tradeable and can only be obtained by staking $LTX on our platform.

While staking $LTX to obtain veLTX, holders will be able to choose a fixed staking duration which will increase their weight in governance votings, amount of fee sharing rewards and Launchpad allocation staking pools.


  • By staking $LTX with our smart contract, users will lock up their $LTX for a specific period of time and be granted veLTX during that time period in return.

  • 100% of the veLTX granted during the lock up period is granted immediately when the lock is initiated.

  • veLTX is non-transferable and the lock up period cannot be reduced after $LTX is initially locked.

  • Longer $LTX lock ups will increase the proportion of rewards received.

  • The larger the proportion of the veLTX pool you own, the more rewards you will receive.

  • Upon completion of the lock up period, 100% of initially locked $LTX will be available to withdraw from the smart contract and the veLTX grant will expire.

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