Here at ContentCal, we’re committed to helping our users create the best content they possibly can. As a result, we’ve introduced ContentCal Analytics. 

By enabling our users to analyse their content performance, they’ll be able to identify top performing posts, and understand how to improve their content for the future. 

While ContentCal Analytics may not be as detailed as the analytics you can find within your social accounts, we are able to give you a broad overview of your overall success. 

Click on the Analytics section on the top left of your calendar to begin assessing your content. Filter the content you would like to examine by selecting the calendar, the social channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn) and then selecting to view content from the last week, last day, or last 30 days.

Once you have selected these details you’re ready to analyse the performance of your content. If you focus on just the top section of the Analytics page, you’ll be given a broad summary of the selected content with information such as likes, comments, etc. across the entire channel, for the selected period of time. 

(Note the refresh button on the right hand side, enabling you to keep the on-screen data up-to-date.)

However, if you scroll down to look at your individual content, you’ll be able to see more detail in regards to how each post performed, with the relevant metrics. 

ContentCal Analytics is also able to identify and pick out your top performing content. This will be expressed with a visual indicator beside your best content. If you wish, you can choose to exclusively view your top performing content by scrolling to the top of the page and ticking to ‘View Top Performing Only’.

It’s also worth noting that the metrics used to measure the success of your content will vary per social channel. For example, when looking at Twitter content, you’ll be able to see how many retweets your content received.

You may also notice that Instagram is not able to give an overview of all content. For now, we are only able to provide information in regards to individual Instagram post performance but we’re hoping to improve this a little further down the road.

While browsing through ContentCal Analytics, you may decide to re-use a particularly popular post and you can do so by quickly and easily by clicking ‘re-use post’. You can then select the time and date, social channel, and calendar you wish to duplicate this content to; just like when you re-use a post from your calendar.

As always, if you do have any questions, get in touch with us over Intercom and we’ll be happy to clarify anything and help you get the most from ContentCal Analytics.

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