How to create a multistep form in 2.0?

To set up a form, simply head to a section on a page where you want to place it. There you want to click the '+’ button.

Once you click the ‘+’ button, click on Add Element

which will open a menu where you can choose a wanted option. In this case we are going for the multistep Form feature.

Now that you’ve placed the multistep form on your page, you will have pre made fields. You can edit/add more fields with a simple click on "Edit Form"

Your Multi Step Form is already separated into 2 steps, but you can always add more fields to it.

Click on “Add Field” which will open multiple options as to what to add in your form.

Select the wanted option and start creating your form.

If you need an Action for your multistep form, click on form "Settings" and choose from offered actions.

Open Page opens the page made in Converdy

Open External Page opens the page outside Converdy

You can choose to forward filled in form data directly to your Email inbox, where you can add an “Email subject” for your recognition.

Here you can choose to deliver the data via another autoresponder or via Zapier where you add a “webhook”.

In this article we’ll explain you how to set this up.

If you want to add an automation to your form, click on "Automations" and choose the wanted automations.

Style your form in "Styling" section, and choose colours of the form elements.

In the "Advanced" section you can choose every element separately and edit according to your design, likes and taste.

A cool feature to use is the "Animation". Choose from various options to add a wanted animation to your form.

You can also choose if you want to hide your form from certain devices. Head to "Visibility" and check the options available.


Congrats! You've successfully added a Multi Step Form! 🥳

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