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How to add a link to my element?
How to add a link to my element?
Written by Chris
Updated over a week ago

👉 There are several elements in Converdy that you can add links to, or simply link a text on page.

In Converdy, links are placed as a form of action → “Open External Page”. Either click on the button, or maybe fill out a form and open the external (linked) page upon completing the form.


Elements available: Video, Button, Multi step Form

  1. Click on the wanted element to open its’ editor

  2. Look for “Action”, for a dropdown menu choose “Open External Page”

  3. Enter the wanted URL

  4. Save your work


You can also link a regular text on a page. This can be done by highlighting the wanted text. As soon as you do that, a small menu above the text will appear.

Click on the chain icon to add a link

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