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How to apply a Hover over color?
How to apply a Hover over color?
Written by Chris
Updated over a week ago

Hover color will be applied to elements where the link can be added.

There are 2 ways of adding the Hover color:


Global Design refers to the overall design and the theme of the page. If you want your elements to have the same theme, this is your go to place without editing elements one by one.

Go to Global Design > Typography > Body Text

In Body Text look for Link Hover Color and click on it to open the color picker. The color you set will be applied to every element set with this function.


Contrary to Global Design, with Advanced Styling you are focused on a single element.

If you wish to apply different colors/design to a specific element:

  1. Click on it to open the Element Editor

  2. Go to Advanced Styling tab > Button Text

  3. Click on the menu to open a dropdown

From the drop down menu choose :hover which gives the system a sign that your action with element is related to hovering

Go to Text and scroll down until you see โ€˜Colorโ€™

Click on it to open the color picker and choose your color.

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