There is no need signing up for Active Campaign, Mailchimp or any other autoresponder to collect leads from your opt-in pages. πŸš€

Converdy enables you to get filled out form info sent directly to the email address of your choice. πŸš€

In the Editor, click on the form to open the left hand menu.

  1. Edit Form β†’ Settings

  2. Form Title is for you to decipher one form from another.

  3. Edit the subject line if you need/want. Email notifications will be sent from

  4. Edit the email you wish to receive leads to

  5. Next, click on β€˜After Submit Action’ and select one of the offered actions in the dropdown menu. You can choose to open a page created within Converdy, or an external page of your choice.

  6. Close and Save. Publish when finished

Example 1. πŸ‘‡

When someone submits a form on your page, the information will be compiled into an email notification sent to your inbox.

Example 2.πŸ‘‡

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