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Pills Element/ Offer Element
Pills Element/ Offer Element

What if we told you there are some imaginative ways to use Pills element and repurpose it as titles/steps of your program/service/offer

Written by Chris
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What do you mean?

Clean, summarised offer can be very beneficial for you as well as your site visitors and will give a clear understanding of your offer and what your potential customers can expect!

This is why we wanted to show you how to repurpose Pills element into a sweet Offer element.

Pills element repurposed as an Offer element

...and how to do it?

Check out our tutorial video or follow step by step instructions below

Head over to Element Library and look for Lists category.

From the Lists category choose Pills Secondary, Pills or Pills Inverted.

Click on the element to open its editor. In General tab toggle Hide Images.

Fill in the items with your text/offer.

And voila 🚀

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