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Entrance Animation + Adobe Photoshop
Entrance Animation + Adobe Photoshop
Written by Chris
Updated over a week ago

User attention and engagement is a difficult thing to achieve, especially when those users are met with close to a hundred brands each day.

However, some clever design and entrance animation can up your first impression on site which results in longer stay of your visitors on site 🚀

Entrance Animation effect on Jarrito bottle

To get this result you will need a selected Image and Adobe Photoshop. The rest you will learn exactly here!

The image we used for the sake of this tutorial is the awesome Jarrito bottle with a nice background. In the video below check out how to cut out the image from the background so you can later apply Entrance Animation feature to it inside Converdy builder.

Check out the video below to see how our designer Ferry used Adobe Photoshop to create effect like shown in image above.

Now that you’ve done your part in Adobe Photoshop, head over to your Converdy builder and use the image as Section to your page.

From there, add your other element (Image) and apply entrance animation to it.

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