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Sticky Button
Written by Chris
Updated over a week ago

Sticky button is always visible to your site visitors. The button follows the visitor’s activity, and basically never leaves their sight. This is a great addition to your site

and how to add it to your site?

Simply click on “Add Element” and choose the Sticky button from the button category.

Make sure to add it to the bottom section of your page, otherwise it falls behind other content. And you really want the button to be visible and accessible at all times.

Also, keep in mind that the section AND the HTML block have no padding on top and bottom

The element will appear as a blank HTML box but once you Preview/Publish it will be visible.

Finally, your sticky button can either contain a

  1. Phone number (tel:)

  2. Website link (yourlink)

  3. Email address (mailto:)

🚨 Whichever options you chose, in the part of the code below, you can add

or your website link (https://)

<i class=”c-icon icon-phone”></i>Call Me

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