When you are in the settings of your form, you can find a "Field Name". This field name you can use as a dynamic key.

I.e. when the field name is "contact-first-name". You can use "Hi, {{contact-first-name}}." on the second page.

👉This is the easiest way, any value that is filled inside a form is available for Dynamic Keyword Insertion after it's submitted. This means you can take the name of the field

and use it on a redirect page like this:

👉 You can use the same method to prefill a form value

👉 Another way would be to manually append the value to the redirect URL.
In the form settings, you can pick 'external page' as the redirect action and set https://your-next-page.com/?name={{contact-first-name}}

To use {{name}} on the next page, make sure to include the keyword 'name' into funnel settings > Dynamic Keywords

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