This is part 3 of a 3-part series about creating & sending broadcasts:

  1. The Broadcast Recipients Page

  2. The Broadcasts Content Page

  3. The Broadcasts Preview Page —📍You are here!

You’re in the home stretch!

It’s time to preview and send (or schedule) your broadcast.

At this point you’ve configured your broadcast’s recipients, added your content, and now you’re ready to do a final check before sending or scheduling it.

Let’s walk through it! Here’s what the preview page looks like:

NOTE: If anything catches your eye that doesn’t look quite right, you can fix it! Just click ‘Recipients’ or ‘Content’ near the top right of the page to return to either of those steps and make your changes — you won’t lose any of your progress.

Preview as Subscriber

On the left is a preview of your broadcast’s content, but in a ‘generic’ form. This means any personalization will be replaced with generic tags like [FIRST NAME GOES HERE], and if you have used any conditional content it’ll show the default or first option. (The same goes for the email previews you may have sent yourself via the preview buttons on the content page in the previous step.)

This button allows you to enter a specific subscriber’s email address to see exactly how this broadcast’s content (including personalization) is going to render in their inbox:

Click that button, start typing your subscriber’s email address, and options will populate in the dropdown. Select the one you want, and the email preview will dynamically update to show how it’ll look for that subscriber in particular:

The Sidebar


This is the number of recipients set to receive this broadcast, as configured by the filters set on the recipients page:


Forgot to change the subject line? Included a broken link by accident? We’ve got your back!

You’ll only see one or both of those sections on the sidebar if we detected an issue that might need your attention:

For the link checker, you can hover over the link itself to see the issue. In this example, that link couldn’t be reached.

NOTE: While we make an effort to verify your links for you, it’s always a best practice to double-check them manually as well, as there are some types of issues that won’t be detected by our automated checks.

Send (or schedule)

By default, your broadcast will be set to send immediately. If that’s what you want, go ahead and click that ‘Send Broadcast’ button at go-time!

If you want to schedule your broadcast in advance, click the pencil icon to the right of where it says ‘Send immediately’ and select the date and time at which you’d like for it to send. Once that’s done, click that same red button to schedule it.

For more information on scheduling broadcasts in advance, please check out our dedicated tutorial here.

Did you know?

This article is the last in a 3-part series all about creating & sending broadcasts! To start at the beginning, or to brush-up your knowledge, check out our guide on the broadcast recipients page (step 1!) below:

The Broadcast Recipients Page

Alternatively, check out our tutorial on how to can link to your broadcast on the web (or include a ‘View in browser’ link in your email) below:

How to Include a Web Link to Your Broadcasts

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