Creating an Engaged and Active Email List

Not sure why this is an important part of your email marketing strategy and overall success? Allow us to elaborate.

Keeping your list clean and engaged can be a contributor to better open rates, and subscriber longevity! While it might be painful to see a temporary drop in your total number of Subscribers, the payoffs will mean a more engaged list of people who are actively participating with you, in your content. 

A smaller list who is paying attention is much better than a large list of subscribers who don't open your emails!

When should you clean your list? 

First, we define cold subscribers as any subscriber who hasn’t opened or clicked an email in the last 90 days. For subscribers who have been active for fewer than 90 days, we define cold subscribers as anyone who hasn't opened or clicked an email in 30 days.

For example: if someone signs up, confirms, and never engages in a single email (opens or clicks) in the first 30 days after being confirmed, they will be classified as a cold subscriber. If they do engage with even at least one email at all, the minimum requirement of being listed as a cold subscriber now bumps to 90 days since the last engagement.

Currently, the cold subscriber criteria cannot be adjusted. 

That said, here are a few scenarios where cleaning your list is prudent and recommended: 

  • When you import a list into ConvertKit. This will ensure that you begin with only the Subscribers that are excited to be there! (How to correctly import a list into ConvertKit)

  • At least every 90 days, regularly. This will help to prune off any Subscribers who might have become Cold.  This  is very helpful for nudging those open rates back in the right direction.

  • If you are sending a lot of emails, (very heavy sending), then once every 30 days might be a good idea.

Remember that an engaged list is much more important than a big list. Bigger doesn't always mean better! Especially when it comes to active Subscribers.

Dump those false email addresses

Another great benefit of keeping your list clean, is that it helps to keep those fake email addresses off of your list. (Not great for open rates and deliverability, when the email isn't authentic.) 

These will automatically be included in your list pruning efforts by default, as there won't be any action taken to remain on your list.

Automations can do the heavy lifting

Once you have imported your list, and pruned it, you're done with the majority of the manual process. You can then build out a well-planning Visual Automation to carry the majority of the workload, going forward. 

You can even copy our cold subscriber automation workflow to your account with just a click!

Grab the automation!

A few notes if you copy the workflow

  • There are a few notes of help text in the Sequences. DELETE THEM 😬

  • Add in your own topic, goals, and name to the Sequence emails.

  • Replace the links with your own Link Triggers. You can use the Tags that will be added to your account from the workflow. 

The All Important Double Opt-In

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