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WordPress: Add A Landing Page To Your Domain
WordPress: Add A Landing Page To Your Domain

WordPress Only: Customize Your Landing Page URL

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How to give your Landing Page the branded URL from your website

NOTE: You only can do this if you are using a WordPress Site and the ConvertKit WordPress Plugin.

Customizing the Landing Page URL is done through the WordPress plugin. Let's walk through the steps:

  • Download and install the ConvertKit WordPress Plugin

  • Activate it on the plugin's page and add your API key (found in your ConvertKit Account Settings).

  • Create a new page on your WordPress site.

  • In the WordPress page settings, you'll see an option to replace this page with a ConvertKit Landing Page. Select your Landing Page in that drop down and you're all set!

If you do not see your Landing Page, resetting your API connection with Wordpress is a solution:

  • Go into the Plugin Settings in WordPress and find the ConvertKit Plugin

  • Remove the API code and the API secret

  • Save the Settings

  • Re-enter those codes (it's safest to re-copy them from your ConvertKit account settings to make sure you have the latest)

  • Set a Default Form to help connectivity issues in the future

Note: After resetting the API connection, you may also need to refresh the new page you created, so it can grab the new connection.

You now have a branded URL for your Landing Page right on your domain!

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