Streamline Your Post-Purchase Experience and Track Your Revenue.

With our Purchases feature, you can have the entry point in an Automation be when someone purchases a specific product on your ecommerce store, or if they purchase ANY product. You can choose to have Customers go through a post-sales funnel after they purchase a product from you!

You can also see exact revenue amounts that a specific Subscriber has given you, along with the names of the products they have purchased. We'll pull in all of the purchases data from your ecommerce platform.

What You Can Do With Purchases

You'll see a new an option in your Visual Automation entry points called " Purchase".

NOTE: You may need to perform a test purchase via your e-commerce provider before your product will be available for selection from your automations.

You can see a list of Products on your main Subscribers page in the righthand sidebar, beneath your Tags.

You can even create a Segment, or filter Subscribers, based on the items they've purchased! Purchases allows you to easily segment, identify, and communicate with your Customers.

Track Revenue Data in Subscriber's Profiles!

When you go to your Products section, listed under your Tags on the main Subscribers page, you can go into any product and then click on any Subscriber/Customer, and then view what purchases they have made and have much revenue they've brought you.

See All Previous Purchases History (limited)

Once you connect your ecommerce store today, and someone makes a purchase, not only will you see that purchases data, but you will ALSO see all previous purchases that this Subscriber/Customer has made with you in the past. Whatever purchase history your ecommerce stores has for this customer will now also be in your ConvertKit account!

Note: This feature only applies to Shopify, Squarespace Commerce, Stripe, and Gumroad.

Get Started by Choosing Your Ecommerce Store

We'll update this list as we get more ecommerce platforms integrated with the Purchases feature. If you'd like to see a specific integration added go here.


"I already have my ecommerce platform integrated. Why can't I see my products in Visual Automations?"

If you had your integration setup before July 1, 2018, you'll actually need to disconnect the API code from your integration's settings page, save the settings, then re-insert the API code back in, saving the settings once more. This is because we launched this Purchases feature on July 1, and integrations previously connected before this date are on the past version of the integrations. A simple reset will do!
 If you have setup your integration after this date, and the above does not apply to you, assuming you've followed the appropriate steps to setup your specific integration listed above, you'll need to test purchase one of your products in order for the "Purchases" option appear in the Visual Automation entry point step.

"I setup my Visual Automation using the Purchases feature, but when someone purchases, nothing happens. What's up with that?"

There are a few reasons why this might be happening. The very first thing you should be checking in your Visual Automation is the top right corner, to see if your Automation is "Paused" or "Live". 

Your Automation must be set to "Live" in order to capture these Customers and send them through your post-purchase funnel.
 Another reason you might not being seeing a Customer in your Automations could just be a matter of time. The ConvertKit App updates itself in terms of numbers, stats, and reports on a half-hour basis to reflect numbers correctly. So, it's not quite real time.

Coming Soon...

You'll be able to calculate and Segment your Customers based on their Lifetime Value, track the value of your emails, and more, all right inside your ConvertKit account.

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