We offer some great pre-built and customizable Landing Pages with ConvertKit and the best part is they're hosted by us! 

Note: If you're looking for a form to embed on your own website, check out the Beginner's Guide to Forms instead.

Getting Started

On the Forms & Landing Pages page, find the New Form button, located below the Form Graph, but above the list of your Forms.

On the next screen, select Landing Page.

Select a Landing Page Template you'd like to start with. Note that templates are not interchangeable, so if you don't end up liking the template you choose, you will have to start with a new landing page.

You'll be taken to the Landing Page editor, where you can customize the look of your page.

The Editor

You're ready to make your page look great, and it's really easy to get started! Any area you can click, you can edit.

Click on the image placeholders to add an image. You can also add background images and more.

 Landing Page Editor and Settings →

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