This is part 1 of a 3-part series about creating & sending broadcasts:

  1. The Broadcast Recipients Page —📍You are here!

  2. The Broadcasts Content Page

  3. The Broadcasts Preview Page

At ConvertKit, we refer to one-time emails as broadcasts.

In contrast to sequences, broadcasts are one-time sends that do not recur and are not automated — just like regular emails! They’re perfect for announcements, launches, time-sensitive information, and more.

Broadcasts are a fundamental pillar of your ConvertKit account, and creating & sending them is a 3-step process. Each article in this series will focus on one of those 3 steps, starting from the beginning: the recipients page.

Let’s dig in!

First things first

Let’s make sure you’re in the right place. When you click that ‘New Broadcast’ button from the top left of the broadcasts page in your account, a new broadcast will be generated as a draft and you’ll land on the recipients page for it, which looks like this:

Next we’ll go over each section of this page, covering all you need to know about setting your broadcast up for success. (Before you even write a word of copy!)

From Address

From this dropdown is where you’ll select the sending address (‘from’ address) for this broadcast, if you have multiple set up in your account:

NOTE: If your sending email has ‘(unconfirmed)’ next to it, you’ll need to confirm it before you can use it for sending emails. From the settings page in your account, click ‘Resend Email’ and we’ll send a verification link to that email address that you can click on to confirm it.


This is where you select which of your subscribers should receive this broadcast. By default, it’ll be set to ‘All Subscribers’, which means this broadcast will go out to all confirmed subscribers on your list:

If you only want this broadcast to go out to members of a certain tag or segment, then you’ll want to remove the ‘All Subscribers’ filter and add a filter for your chosen subset instead.

Here’s how it’d look to filter a broadcast to go to only those who have a particular tag:

If you want this broadcast to go out to everyone except for members of a certain tag or segment, then you’ll want to click ‘Add Filter Group’, set it to matching ‘none’ of the following, and then select the subset of your list to exclude.

Here’s how it’d look to filter a broadcast to go to everyone except those with a particular tag (note how the second filter group is set to send to none of the following):

The total to the top-right of the recipients filter will dynamically update to reflect how many subscribers are included in your current filter setup.

TIP: Want to double-check exactly which subscribers are included in a certain set of filters? Create a segment using the same filters, and then view the subscribers that are included in the segment. The filters for segments are the same as those used for broadcasts!

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to filtering options, combining different filters, and more — but you also have the option to keep it simple! For more information on broadcast filtering, please check out this guide.

Internal Description

Here is where you can add a description to your broadcasts for your own internal reference:

Your subscribers will not see this! You can use this description to track who the broadcast was sent to, what the main CTA was, or whatever else you’d like. For more information on broadcast descriptions and how you might use them, please check out our guide here.

Public Settings

You have the option of embedding a public newsletter feed into your ConvertKit landing pages. The ‘Show on public feeds’ checkbox is where you indicate whether you’d like this broadcast to be included in that feed:

Ready for the next step?

When you’re ready, click the red ‘Next Step’ button at the bottom left of the page to access the next (and arguably most fun) step of the broadcast creation process: the content page!

We have a separate tutorial for step 2 below:

The Broadcast Content Page

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