This is part 2 of a 3-part series about creating & sending broadcasts:

  1. The Broadcast Recipients Page
  2. The Broadcasts Content Page —📍You are here!
  3. The Broadcasts Preview Page

Here’s where the magic happens: adding content to your broadcast! ✨

Once you’ve got the broadcast recipients page all configured, it’s time for the fun part: content!

In this tutorial, we’ll go over all you need to know about step 2 of the broadcast creation process: the content page.

The screenshot above shows how the editor might look for a completed broadcast, but if you’re just getting started, your content page might look something like the following:

The reason we say that’s how it ‘might’ look is because the styling of your email template is automatically applied to the email editor section. If you’ve customized your email template with a custom header, footer, or other styling, you’ll see those customizations here. This is excellent for gauging how your broadcast will ultimately look in your subscribers’ inboxes, even while you’re still in the process of creating it.

Let’s cover each section of the content page in turn.

Subject Line

Here’s where you add the subject line for this broadcast:

TIP: You can use emojis in your subject line, as well as in the email body! Here’s how.

This is also where you indicate whether you’d like to A/B test between two different subject lines for this broadcast. Clicking that A/B icon will reveal a second subject line field, in which you can add the second variant to test against:

For more information on how all that works, we have a separate tutorial on A/B testing here.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, A/B testing is supported for broadcast subject lines only. You can always post feature suggestions here in our community!

Email Editor

This is where you add the content for your email! As mentioned above, the editor will dynamically apply the styling of your chosen template. For comparison, here’s how the broadcast content page might look with different templates selected than the one shown above:

NOTE: Our broadcast editor automatically saves your content periodically. You can see the last time an autosave took place near the bottom right of the page, and you can force it to save again by clicking the ‘Save’ button.

This email editor is the same functionality-wise as the one used for incentive emails and sequences, so it might look familiar!

Since the editor is such a fundamental piece of your ConvertKit account, we have a separate series of tutorials all about how to use it to its fullest extent, starting here.

The Sidebar

Email Template

This is where you choose the email template to be used for this broadcast. New broadcasts will automatically have your account’s default template applied (which is the one indicated by the green checkmark on the templates page in your account), but you can override that by clicking on a different one from here:

NOTE: If you want to learn more about creating and customizing email templates, check out our template editor tutorial here.


Using these buttons, you can either preview how your email is looking in a new browser window, or send a preview email to your own (or someone else’s) inbox:

You’ll also have the opportunity to preview the final version of your broadcast in the final stage before sending it, but these buttons are convenient for doing so along the way, while you’re still in creation-mode.

☝️A note about preview emails: when you send yourself a preview email, the links will be in ‘preview mode’. This means when you click a link within the preview email, rather than going to that link’s URL, you’ll instead go to a page indicating what link that URL will direct to in the actual email.

This preview page will look something like this:

In your actual broadcast send, your subscribers will be taken directly to the URL and skip this ‘preview mode’ step altogether. You can still verify the link is correct by clicking on it again from this preview page.

Duplicate Broadcast

Want to make a copy of your broadcast in its current form? Clicking this button will do just that, creating it as a new, separate draft in your account with all of the same settings (recipients, sending email, etc.) already applied:

NOTE: After clicking this button you’ll be automatically redirected to the recipients page for the new (duplicated) draft, but you can always get back to the original by clicking into it from your account’s broadcasts page.

Ready for the next step?

When your broadcast content is ready to go, click ‘Next Step’ near the bottom left of the page to proceed to the final step in the broadcast creation process: the preview page! 👇

The Broadcast Preview Page

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