A guided tour of the ConvertKit email editor

Powerful enough to support advanced customizations, yet simple enough for the beginner to start from scratch, the ConvertKit email editor can handle it all.

Let's go!

First things first

When creating a brand new broadcast, the email editor page will look something like this:

Why something like that? Our email editor includes a live preview of your email template, in addition to the email content itself.

Based on your template, your editor might look a little different than the one above. For example, if you have your logo added to the top of your template, that will be included.

This allows you to see how your email will look with your template's styling applied while you're composing it.

NOTE: If you have multiple templates in your account, you'll also find the editor preview will update automatically, once you select a different template from the sidebar!

Accessing the content block menu

The content block menu is how you insert different types of content into your email. It is accessible via the plus (+) sign that appears on the left side of the editor when you click within it.

NOTE: While you're typing, the plus sign will fade away to allow you to focus. Just click anywhere within your email when you're not typing to bring it back!

Depending on the content block you access it from, the menu will vary slightly. Here's how it looks if you access it from an empty content block:

If you access it from a content block that already has some content in it, it'll look like follows:

Notice the difference? If accessed from a populated content block, the menu automatically organizes the options into contextual sections. These sections are titled 'Insert', 'Change to', and 'Insert below'.

EXAMPLE: If the menu is accessed from a block that already contains paragraph text, you'll see the 'Heading' option in the 'Change to' section. That's because you can change that paragraph text into a heading.

If you're accessing the menu from an empty content block, you can simply select 'Heading' from the main list. In that case, you're simply setting that block up as a heading to begin with — no changes needed since there's no content there yet to be changed.

We cover each menu option in more detail in our dedicated text formatting & media guides. For now, we'd recommend familiarizing yourself with accessing the content block editor from both empty & populated content blocks.


Is there a word counter?

Yes! It appears in the lower right. Check it out:

Is there spellcheck?

Yes, our email editor now has built-in spellcheck! You'll see misspelled words underlined in red, like so:

Is there an undo button?

There's no built-in undo button at this time, but you can use the keyboard shortcut Control + Z (Windows) or Command + Z (Mac). Alternatively, you can right click within the editor and then select 'Undo' from your computer's right-click menu.

Can I access the raw HTML of my email?

You can't view the raw HTML of your entire email, but you can add HTML code to your emails. We cover that in our email editor media guide here.

Does the email editor auto-save?

Yes, the email editor will autosave changes for both broadcast and sequences!

NOTE: Since sequence emails can be actively sending out at any given time, the autosave process for them is a little different than for broadcasts. We have a guide on how it works here.

Ready to dive a little deeper?

As a next step, we'd recommend our dedicated text formatting guide below! 👇

The Email Editor: Text Formatting

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