Now you can create emails that are on brand in less time, and with more features at your fingertips.  

Click to watch Olivya's fast demo of our beautiful new email editor! 

A Guided Tour 

Here's what you need to know to get started using this awesome new feature! 

First, note that you can switch back to the Legacy editor at anytime. It is important to remember that the content is separate in each editor, so if you want to carry it over you need to copy and paste it. 

Formatting text

Formatting text is done through selecting text and using the formatting menu. Here you can set bold, italics, underline, alignment, color, and add links.

Adding content

To add content you use the content menu. That is accessible through clicking the + icon which appears on each new line. When you are writing it fades away to allow you to focus on writing.

Adding Images

You can add images using the content menu (+). Once added, you'll have several options including size, border radius, and making your image a link.

Recent images

How many times have you uploaded your logo or headshot into your account? (We're guessing it's far too many.)

 We’re now fixing that by allowing you to select recently uploaded images!

Right now this is limited to the 12 most recently uploaded, and in the future we’ll be expanding it to make it easier to find any of your content. 


Personalization is now available in an overlay to show you a preview of the liquid code that each snippet adds. 

Adding buttons

You can now add buttons directly to your emails! They can link to your article, product, or anything else. You can even tag anyone who clicks the button!

Pasting content

The new editor supports pasting content from Word, Google Docs, and others without bringing in messy formatting. 

Go ahead and dance. We'll wait. 

Word Counter

The new editor has a word counter in the bottom righthand corner for easily keeping track of the length of your emails!

What about adding HTML?

Instead of viewing the source on the entire email (which can be messy and confusing) we added the option for HTML blocks. This feature allows you to add custom HTML to a specific part of your email without having to read through a ton of code to find the right place.


Can I switch back to the Legacy editor at anytime?

Yes! That is completely within your control. Just remember that the content is separate, so you’ll need to copy and paste it over to the old editor (or vice versa). 

What features are missing from the new editor?

There are a few features that are available in the Legacy editor that aren’t yet available in the new editor:

  • View the HTML source of the entire email (we use HTML blocks instead)
  • Strikethrough (this will be added soon)
  • Font size (instead use Markdown to select different header sizes with the # shortcut)
  • Word count (this will be back soon)

Shortcuts for the New Editor

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