This is part 2 of a 3-part series about the ConvertKit email editor:

  1. The Email Editor: Overview + FAQs

  2. The Email Editor: Text Formatting —📍You are here!

  3. The Email Editor: Adding Media

All the text formatting options you need to start composing! ✍🏻

After all, text is the most fundamental building block of virtually any email! Here's how to make it work for your content.

NOTE: After you've got text formatting down-pat, don't forget to check out our separate guide here on adding media like images, HTML, and more.

Just start typing.

If you simply start typing into the email editor, your text will be converted to a paragraph text block by default:

From here, you can just keep typing, format the text further, or convert it to another paragraph style (like a heading or list).

To format text and/or add a hyperlink, highlight it, and a menu will appear above it with formatting options:

From left to right, you have the following options: bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough, change the font size, change the alignment, change the color, and add a link.

NOTE: You can also turn your text into a link trigger via the link menu. More on how to do that here!

Headings, lists, & more

To add text formatted as a heading, list, or block quote, you have two options:

1. Convert an existing text block

To convert an existing text block (such as a paragraph) to another text format, first click in the block it's contained in, and then open up the content block menu via the plus (+) sign to the left (more info on that menu & how to access it here).

From the menu, locate the section titled 'Change to' and then select what format you'd like to convert the text to.

Here's an example of changing paragraph text to a heading:

2. Insert directly

Alternatively, you can access the content block menu from a blank content block and simply select your desired text format. The editor will automatically convert the block to that format, and then you can just start typing from there!

Here's an example of turning an empty content block into an unordered list:

At this point, we've covered basic text formatting, and how to create text blocks, as well as convert between the different types.

Next, let's go over the remaining text-related content block menu items, and how to use them!


Buttons are a great way to add a CTA to your emails that's a little more eye-catching than linked text!

To add a button, select 'Button' from the content block menu. It'll insert a default blue button, but you can customize it! Click the button to reveal the editing menu:

Make sure you add the URL you want your button to point to, and customize the visual styling to your liking from the options on the right.

To edit your button's CTA, simply type directly into it:


You can easily add personalization short codes to your email from the content block menu! Simply select 'personalization' from the menu and it'll bring up the following modal:

Select any one of those options, and the short code will be inserted into your email accordingly!

NOTE: For more info on personalizing emails to your subscribers, click here. For more info on conditional tag content, click here.

Ready for the next step?

To complete your mastery of the ConvertKit email editor, check out our dedicated guide on adding media (like images & more!) below 👇

The Email Editor: Adding Media

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