SparkLoop is a referral tool for newsletters that allows you to incentivize signups to your email list.

This integration is available for Creator Pro customers, and is a fantastic way to boost your list growth rate while providing additional value to your most loyal subscribers!

Getting started

If you're ready to take advantage of the free SparkLoop account that comes with your Creator Pro subscription, reach out to the SparkLoop team for an onboarding call here!

A member of their team will walk you through the integration process and how to set up a high-performing referral program.

Setting up rewards

You'll craft your rewards within SparkLoop! Their tutorial on creating rewards can be found here.

You'll be able to define all the details — including what the reward is, how many referrals are required to receive it, and whether it's one-time or recurring (e.g. receiving a reward for every 5 referrals, versus just for the first 5).

Think of rewards as a way to say 'thanks' to your referrers, while simultaneously providing value as an incentive!

Using the data

Once you've created a campaign in SparkLoop, an assortment of custom fields will automatically be created in your ConvertKit account. These custom fields will be automatically updated by SparkLoop, and can be viewed from any of your subscribers' profiles.

For example, from their profile, you'll be able to view a subscriber's unique referral link, whether they themselves were referred, how many people they've referred — and more!

For an overview of what each of these custom fields means — and how to make use of them! — check out SparkLoop's guide here.

Looking for reward ideas?

There are so many potential rewards you could use as incentives! Here are some ideas:

  • An exclusive newsletter subscription

  • Discount or coupon code

  • A link to a webinar or training

  • A physical gift in the mail!

The most effective reward structure for your particular audience will depend on several factors, including your niche and the type of content you create. SparkLoop has put together a fantastic guide on best practices when it comes to rewards, including examples from other creators — check it out here!

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