Never Stop Dreaming is our second annual contest in which we encourage our Deaf youth to realize their biggest dreams and go after them. Participants need only submit a one-minute video of themselves describing what their dream is and why for a chance to win a weekend in Austin, TX with The Daily Moth

DEADLINE: Post your submission on Facebook by 11PM EST on TUESDAY, October 10th. (The deadline has been postponed from Sunday, October 8th to Tuesday, October 10th due to high demand.) 

The prize

Two winners will be selected ! The winners—plus one adult chaperone each—will receive the following:

  • All-expenses-paid trip to Austin, TX from Friday, November 3 to Sunday, November 5
  • Hands-on tour of Deaf businesses in Austin (including The Daily Moth's studio!)
  • The Daily Moth as your tour guide
  • Tickets to the red-carpet early release screening of WONDERSTRUCK
  • A chance to meet Millicent Simmonds, Deaf star of WONDERSTRUCK

How to submit

  • Post your video on Facebook
  • Make sure it is a public post
  • Include hashtag #ToSignIsHuman
  • Tag Convo in your post!
  • OPTIONAL: Comment on our Facebook post to let us know you've posted your video

The requirements

  • Must be Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Must be a student currently enrolled in K-12.
  • Must be a resident in the United States and all United States territories and commonwealths
  • The video must be 1 minute or less in length 

If you meet the above criteria, what are you waiting for? 😄


The videos submitted for this contest will be judged by a small committee selected by LEAD-K. They will be judging only the "why" aspect of the question "What is your dream and why?" There are three components to their evaluations: 

  • Content – Critical thinking and in-depth answer. 
  • Clarity – Clear signing. Adding subtitles to your video is encouraged! 
  • Passion – Commitment and motivation towards dream are strongly felt. 

Terms & Conditions

For the terms and conditions of the contest, click here.

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