What is SHORT BUS?

SHORT BUS is an adventure mini-series about Zoey, a 14-year-old tech whiz, and her friends. The story begins with strange things happening in her small town, which leads her and close-knit friends on a journey to discover dark secrets that could potentially threaten their way of life.

Why is Convo doing this?
This is a miniseries by Wayne Betts, Jr., a Deaf filmmaker, and this production is made possible by Convo, a Deaf-owned communications solutions company. Why is Convo doing this? Because representation matters to us. It’s important to us that deaf and hard of hearing people, especially children, see ourselves in works of art. We believe that our stories make the world a better place."

Why did you pick the name SHORT BUS?

The story involves a short bus picking up the characters for school. We picked the name SHORT BUS because riding the short bus is a common experience for most deaf and hard of hearing people growing up. There is often a stereotype associated with short buses, and in the story, the riders break expectations and challenge society’s definition of what it means to be “normal”.

I need to get in touch with someone regarding SHORT BUS.

No problem! You can email us at contact@jointhebus.com.

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