What you get with Convo

There are great perks that come with using Convo as your primary VRS provider:

  • VRS interpreters that care about your call 
  • Features such as videomail, map, Community Directory, and Convo Lights
  • A Deaf-owned and Deaf-run business that understands you

Our interpreters

Our interpreters are committed to the ultimate goal of capturing your essence and your message. We honor the transparency and individuality of your identity. As we always say: be you.

You're just one call away to find out why our interpreters rock. Come meet the eyes.



Sometimes we miss our calls, and that's okay. Our built-in videomail (available on Convo iOS and Convo Android) is designed to make it easy to catch up with your messages.

We are also the only VRS provider with rich push notifications for iOS.


Look up businesses around you—hearing (red pins) and Deaf-owned (turquoise pins)—and call them with one tap. No more copying and pasting phone numbers from Yelp!

Community Directory

There are hundreds of resources for Deaf and hard of hearing people in this country and our Community Directory is your one-stop listing of local and nationwide Deaf-owned businesses, or organizations, services, and schools for the Deaf. Learn more here.

Convo Lights

Design your own visual ringing system with Convo Lights! Every Deaf person should be in charge of their calling experience, including ringing notifications. Learn more about what you can do with Convo Lights, available on iOS and macOS.

Deaf-owned and Deaf-run

Convo is the only Deaf-owned VRS company in the United States. As Deaf callers ourselves, we create communication solutions that feel natural. As a company, we believe in giving back to the community and supporting other Deaf businesses.

In addition to the Community Directory, we also support Deaf businesses by introducing them to the Deaf community through Deaf Business Spotlight (scroll down), a video series done in partnership with The Daily Moth.

Already have a VP number?

No problem! You can keep your current VP number as a Convo user. Here's how.

"I want it! Now what?"

First, download and install our apps.

Second, register for a number.

That's it! You can now make calls.

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