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Preview & send your final quote
Preview & send your final quote

Check all of the details before you send the quote

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To get ready to send your final quote, after you have done all of your work, click on 'preview and send'

Alternatively you can 'save draft' which will save the work you have done so it is there when you come back.

From there you'll move to what the final quote looks like to cross check that it is exactly as you want it,

  • If you need to change something, you can click 'back to edit' in the top left corner

  • If you would like to download the quote you can use the 'download' button which will trigger an email to yourself (this can take a few minutes to arrive)

  • If you are happy to send it, click on 'send' which will prompt you to enter the email address & edit the text the person will receive. You can also choose to send yourself a copy

Final Quote preview:

Send the quote when you're happy

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