Our billing is fully transparent. Every month, you’ll receive an invoice for EXACTLY the cost of the carbon permits we have bought and retired in your name. The bill will also provide the traceable IDs, and precise estimates of the environmental, employment, public health impacts of your neutralization. But Cooler doesn’t just retire the permits, removing carbon this quarter. The states we buy from re-invest the permit revenue and we’ll let you know the amount of renewable energy that the permit revenue also enabled to be built. Finally, Cooler’s total fee is 20% on top of that.

Can I tell up front what the cost of neutralization will be?

Check your dashboard for running totals, and a good way to estimate your neutralization costs up front is that they average 0.5% of the cost of any product or service. Our actual estimates are far more precise than that however and are displayed on your dashboard in real-time.

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