Cooler Future aims to provide returns while creating a positive impact on climate change. Here are a few reasons why you can trust us:

  • We have an experienced team selecting investment products, as well as an experienced technology team (see details here)

  • We are transparent about what we do and what we do not do

  • We partner with top companies in the financial industry (see details here)

  • We take data security very seriously (see details here)

  • We do our utmost in our daily job to make sure we create a positive climate impact and deliver a product that is good for your finances — and the planet.

What happens to my investments if Cooler Future goes bankrupt?

Cooler Future partners with Baader bank to manage investments into funds that are held in custody for you. These are owned by you and not Cooler Future or Baader Bank. Securities (including shares in investment funds) are not deposits. They are owned by the customer and not the bank, which merely holds the securities in custody on behalf of its customers. In the event of bankruptcy, of either Cooler Future or Baader Bank, your assets under management in securities accounts still belong to you may therefore be transferred to other institutions. Special protection is not required for this reason.

More questions on this matter? You can reach out to us anytime via the live chat function or by sending an email to

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