The annual change in CO2e emissions by companies in the fund is calculated by comparing companies’ Scope 1 & 2 emissions from the latest two reporting years (e.g. 2020 and 2021). Renewable energy generated by companies invested in the fund is calculated based on the amount of renewable energy produced by companies in the fund in the previous reporting year (e.g. 2021).

The emission data used in the calculation are obtained from CDP and Bloomberg. Firstly, Cooler Future takes into consideration company reported data, and if not available, utilizes estimated emission data. Emission estimations are done by CDP. Coverage of emissions calculations varies depending on data availability. For the RobecoSAM Smart Energy Equities fund, the reduction in companies’ emissions could be calculated for approximately 85% of companies in the fund based on the latest data available.

Even though the emission data updates annually, the emission related metric might still increase or decrease depending on the changes in the portfolio holdings. If the fund increases its positions in carbon-intensive companies, this would lead to an increase in the fund's carbon footprint and total emissions.

Bloomberg and MSCI data are used to calculate the amount of renewable energy produced by companies. The amount is shown in GWh. The amount of renewable energy supported by companies is based on company reported data. Energy data is from the previous reporting year.

Some of the companies in the Smart Energy fund are renewable energy producers while other companies focus on supporting the generation of renewable energy, by producing components and solutions needed for the actual production. Around 10-15% of companies in the fund report their renewable energy production and approximately 20% of companies report the amount of renewable energy generation they have supported.

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